Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release and Huge Foil Swap Event!!! « Freakin' Video Games

Pre-Release event at 4pm like usual :) It’s a Sealed event but prior to the event and all throughout the day we will be doing a massive foil and rare swap. We will be taking all the foil basic land, common and uncommon foils and doing a massive one for one swap. That means gather up all your Vizzerdrix, Purelaces, Wintermoon Mesas and every other terrible rare that you no longer want and swap them one for one for ANY of the foils that we have available on the table. Or….should you have a bunch of unneeded foils we’ll be doing the two for one swap on any equivalent rarity for foils like normal. :) Hope to see ya there!! If everything goes well we’ll be doing this during the main event release next weekend as well!

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