Scars of Mirrodin Release Event!! Still Foil swapping! « Freakin' Video Games

As always we will be having our two big events for the release party. 2-Headed Giant Sealed at 2pm ($40 per team) and our Main Event Sealed at 6pm ($30 per person). Registration begins at noon and we will also be having EDH Side Event Tournaments for $1-$5 each throughout the day as well so bring down your decks and get ready to rock! As usual we will be having a few drafts after the main event too! We are still doing the foil swap so bring down your unwanted rares and get some shiny stuff that we have for trade! See you all there!!! As a side note, we are now buying bulk Pokemon and Yugioh cards. If you have some of those to get rid of we’ll happily take them off your hands and help you get some extra cash for the entry fees for the weekend. Thanks!

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