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Store Info

by dracoling

We’ve Got Freakin’ Video Games


Street Address: (directions from Google Maps or MapQuest)
1700 Nottingham Way
Suite 12a
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Telephone: (609) 910-4019
*PLEASE NOTE* Our phone at the store is an internet phone, so if the computer at the store is not on or the internet is down your call will go directly to voice mail. We do check our voice mail regularly and this is the correct number so feel free to leave a message =)

Normal Hours:
12-8pm Monday-Saturday
12-6pm Sunday

We are open late many nights for tournaments and other events. Please call to check if we’re open after the regular schedule.

Regular Tournaments:

  • Tuesday: Magic: the Gathering (CCG)- Players Choice
  • Wednesday: Magic: the Gathering (CCG)- 3 pack draft
  • Friday: Magic: the Gathering (ccg)- FNM
  • Thursday, Saturday, Sunday : Video Game tournaments for all different systems and genres, changing every week. Occasional special events.
  • For more up to date information, please check out the current Event Calendar.

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